Dinosaur Provincial Park

Branding Project

For Design Synthesis at Northeastern University, taught by Prof. Doug Scott, we designed branding for a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I selected Dinosaur Provincial Park. Design elements include a word mark / logo, colors, type choices, and a 5th element.

Indentity Summary

Though dinosaurs are the first thing to come to mind when it comes to Dinosaur Provincial Park, when you go to the park, there are (shocker) no dinosaurs there. What is there is a beautiful landscape of mountains and valleys, and the occasional dinosaur bone. So, in my logo I tried to emulate the beautiful scenery, and hint at the bones, by slightly burying the letters into the mountain.  I chose earth tone colors that I pulled from photography of the park, and created a dinosaur bone pattern, to further match the brand to the feeling of the location.

Design Assets

Using the branding, I created business materials such as letter head, envelopes, business cards. I also created an info sheet, website, and 3 print ads.

Typeset in EB Garamound and Karla