Expand Your World.

Cause Inform
fall 2016

Expand Your World is a campaign about increasing the bilingual population of American children. Even though America is a country of immigrants, we have a very low population of bilingual people. Partly this is because immigrants to America want their families to assimilate as quickly as possible so, parents don’t teach their children their first language. To negate this, Expand Your World shows kids the great things about learning a second language through poster series that fit into their school environment.

Design Elements

During my design process I made sure to keep in mind my intended audience, kids.  To interest kids, I built out a reoccurring character that also worked as a logo for the campaign, Mr. Globe.  When I brought in other characters, such as the pets or the group of children, I created them with a similar feeling to Mr. Globe. To tie the campaign back to the school environment, I often included a chalkboard element to the designs. I choose a rainbow color pallet that would be attractive to kids. I kept the typography legible and fun by using Century Gothic throughout the campaign.

Poster Series

There are more benefits to learning a second language then just having that skill.  For this series of posters I focused on ideas that children would be able to connect to.  The concept of culture might be too abstract for an elementary school student to understand,  but new kinds of music is something they can be excited about. These posters were made for locations kids would often visit, such as schools, libraries, and playrooms.

In Context

The final important piece of this campaign is where the designs are displayed.  I thought about integrating the campaign into a students day at elementary school, and created designs that would go everywhere from the classroom to the cafeteria.

Typeset in EB Garamound and Karla