Inspired Start

Graphic Design
august 2017 - january 2019

Email Marketing

At Inspired Start I worked on revamping our email marketing to help engage our customers.  I decided to go for more playful and eye-catching designs that fit our audience of moms ages 25-35. Most moms also check their email on a phone or tablet, so these gifs were designed to maximize space in that format while also being readable and informational.

Goal to encourage customers to refer a friend.

Goal to share more ways to purchase Inspired Start.

Goal to encourage repeat purchase.

Goal to collect new customer NPS scores.

Instagram Content

Event Story Posts
I designed Instagram story posts to notify our followers about live events we are attending.
Quote Posts
I curated quotes and designed instagram posts that we shared weekly on @inspiredstart. These have ended up being the most highly engaged with content on our instagram.

Story Quizzes
I wrote and designed quizzes that we shared on our instagram store for our followers to engage with. 
Cover Images
Using emojis and icons found on the noun project, I created Instagram story cover images.


Packaging Extension
I created prototype packaging designs that were used for customer testing new product concepts, such as “superfood chews.”

Typeset in EB Garamound and Karla