Inspired Start

Graphic Design
august 2017 - january 2019

Email Marketing

At Inspired Start I worked on revamping our email marketing to help engage our customers.  I decided to go for more playful and eye-catching designs that fit our audience of moms ages 25-35. Most moms also check their email on a phone or tablet, so these gifs were designed to maximize space in that format while also being readable and informational.

Goal to encourage customers to refer a friend.

Goal to share more ways to purchase Inspired Start.

Goal to encourage repeat purchase.

Goal to collect new customer NPS scores.

Instagram Content

Event Story Posts
I designed Instagram story posts to notify our followers about live events we are attending.
Quote Posts
I curated quotes and designed instagram posts that we shared weekly on @inspiredstart. These have ended up being the most highly engaged with content on our instagram.

Story Quizzes
I wrote and designed quizzes that we shared on our instagram store for our followers to engage with. 
Cover Images
Using emojis and icons found on the noun project, I created Instagram story cover images.


Packaging Extension
I created prototype packaging designs that were used for customer testing new product concepts, such as “superfood chews.”


KIND Snacks

Graphic Design Co-op
january 2017 - july 2017

Bar Bar
At KIND I redesigned the Bar Bar, a booth that is brought to live events to sample bars. I designed 5 chalkboards, one for each product line sold at the time. I updated the design by adding food photography and and the banner illustrations.

Web Order Insert
Using brand guidelines, I designed three different printed inserts that were put in deliveries from online web sales. The insert on the left was a double-sided print that included information about the KIND Snack Club, and a check list of the different product lines. I designed and prepped all files for printing.

“High Five” was designed for repeat customers and “Thank You!” for new customers.

The Avenue

september 2016 - may 2017

As Editor-in-Chief, I developed an overall theme, and brainstormed 15+ corresponding articles concepts that allow the theme to shine through. I managed a team of 3 editors, 20+ writers, and 20+ photographers who create the content for the magazine. I also lent a hand in the design and creative direction, because as a design student I put a lot of value on the visual nature of the magazine. I was EIC of 6 issues of The Avenue, which can be seen below.

Art Direction

Before I was Editor-in-Chief, I was art director for one issue, where I planned and executed two photo shoots. The photos below were in our International Issue, which highlighted fashion trends from around the world. This photo shoot focused on Middle Eastern fashion.

Inspired Start

Creative Direction
august 2017 - january 2019

Photo shoot

At Inspired Start I planned a photo shoot - developed the theme, selected a diverse cast of baby models, chose outfits, and scouted locations. I was also present at the shoots, giving creative direction and supplying the shot list for the photographer and models.

Video Shoot

At Inspired Start I also planned a video shoot - developed the theme, selected a diverse cast of baby models and their mothers, and chose outfits. I also worked with a videographer, composer, and voice artist, to create the finished product. I was  present at the shoots, giving creative direction and supplying the shot list for the videographer and models. The final videos can be viewed here (3 most recent uploads).

Discovering Graffiti

Typography Project
Full Book
summer 2016

Summer 2016 I studied abroad in Berlin, Germany. During my time there I was given the project to study a form that is unique to Berlin, and I chose graffiti. Though you find graffiti all over the world, in Berlin graffiti is taken to a new level. I decided to focus my studies on comparing and contrasting graffiti and typography in a book that I named Discovering Graffiti, A Typographer's Field Notes. I also made a poster that summarizes my research in a humorous visual.


For this poster I imagined how a Typographer would look at a wall of graffiti and critique it compared to the standards of successful typography. I think the poster helps synthesize my project by pointing out how different forms of typographic communications can have very different standards.


For the book I broke down comparing graffiti and typography into 4 sections - Form, Feature, Artifact, and System. The full book can be viewed here, and I have included the Form section below. In the form section I focused on texture, movement, and line.

Each spread of the book follows the same grid, as well as overall format. The title, definition, and explanation of the section are always on the left, and the image comparisons are always on the right.
Typeset in EB Garamound and Karla